This is the archive site for the UK’s premier Clash tribute band – Black Market Clash.

From 1999 to about 2004, the band burned down the suburbs with a half-closed eye, and played the Clash’s song live the way they were supposed to be: just like the record (or sometimes just like the live album – which got a bit confusing).

We thought we had lost the site for good when the singer forgot to pay the ISP. But thanks to the fantastic Archive.org’s WayBack Machine, we’ve resurrected it to give you all a taste of what the web was like in the early 2000s (ie a bit crap). At least this is now on WordPress, so it’s easier to use and looks a bit better.

None of the links to other Clash sites are live though – they’re all archived too. It was a different world back then. Now everyone’s on Facebook, but never mind…